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Difference Between Marketing Users and Sales Users

To add, delete, or manage users, see this page.

Marketing User

Marketing users can take the following actions

  • List Management
    • Create New Lists
    • View all lists including opt-outs, soft/hard bounces, spam complaints., suppressed domains list.
    • Delete
    • Download
    • Create Segmentation
    • Sync lists with your CRM/Upload List
    • Content
  • Create Templates/Messages
  • Create Landing Pages
  • Create From:Addresses
  • Create Automated Programs
  • Create Webinars
  • Upload Custom Stationery
  • Create Account Signatures
  • Upload images, logos, documents
  • Ability to delete any of the above.
  • Access Reports
    • All reports pertaining to messages, landing pages, forms
    • Competitive Insights
    • Website Prospector Reports
  • Social Media Connectors
  • Twitter Dashboard

Marketing Administrator

Admin users can:

  • Add, Edit, and Delete Marketing Users
  • Add and Delete Sales Users
  • Add From:Addresses
  • Define Password Policies
  • Define User Privileges (create, delete, and download) for Lists, Content, and Programs.
  • Designate other Administrators and message launch approvals
  • Manage template folder access (for Salesforce users)
  • Create Account Signatures on behalf of other users
  • View ALL Sent Messages
  • Add Organization address/information

Sales User

Sales users can:

  • View Website Prospector
  • Setup Website Prospector Alerts
  • Send 1 to 1 emails using templates Marketing Users created or create a new message from scratch.
  • View My Sent Messages/My Scheduled Messages
  • Profile Settings - Change Password
  • Create their own email signatures
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