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Setting up an Envelope Domain

Email services create a digital envelope for each email message to use for routing and delivery. You must have an email marketing sub-domain (eg., specifically configured for your message envelopes.

Just like with physical mail, the Envelope Domain address is on the envelope only – it is separate from the Email From address that appears on the message itself:

This process should be completed when first setting up your Act-On account. Once set, it does not need to be configured again.

You must enable Sender Policy Framework (SPF) for this domain to let Act-On send emails on your behalf.

Work with your mail or IT team to:

  1. Create the sub-domain (eg., for your email envelope
    • If you have multiple domains, choose the one with the healthiest email reputation
  2. Create two new records under the DNS of this sub-domain:
    1. TXT record:
      v=spf1 -all
    2. MX record that points to: (priority 10)
  3. Continue the process below

Important: Setup is not finished until all steps below are complete.

After setting up SPF for your Envelope Domain, contact our support team using the links below to complete the process.

Please log in to make this request.

If you are not able to use the link above because you do not have Act-On login credentials, click here.

Support will reply to confirm that setup is complete.

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