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Act-On Software

Build a strategy for success

When you start to think about what you would like to do with marketing automation, it's important to identify goals, create a marketing strategy, and align your plan with sales.


What are:

  1. Your business reasons for purchasing Act-On?
  2. The marketing tools you've used in the past?
  3. Your definitions for success in the next 30-60 days?
  4. Your time-sensitive initiatives?
  5. Your key areas of focus?
  6. The marketing platforms you're currently using (i.e., CRM, webinar, social media, website tracking)?
  7. The web forms deployed on your website?

Why is this important?

These questions will help identify what your most important projects are, and where you need to invest some time. It will also help your CSM, so they can guide you in the right direction.

Think about these questions:

  1. How does Marketing interact with Sales today?
  2. How will Sales leverage Act-On?
  3. Does Sales rely on Marketing to generate leads for them now? Will that change with Act-On?
  4. Do Sales and Marketing have an agreed-upon lead flow/funnel? If “Yes”: What are the stages for leads and opportunities?
  5. When does Sales convert a Lead to an Opportunity?
  6. Do you currently market to different stages of your funnel?
  7. Do you know your buyer? Have you developed a Buyer Persona?
  8. Do you have a documented Buyer Process that has been agreed upon by Sales?

Why is this important?

Part of your success with Act-On will be transitioning your prospects through the buyers’ journey. Simply: it's how well you can transition your prospects to the sales team. It’s very important to make sure that your sales team has the proper expectations, and your goals are completely aligned.

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