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Setting up Standard Field Names


To grow your marketing lists effectively, it's important to make sure your field names are created and named correctly. Consistent standard field names can prevent errors in your lists.

This will ensure that email personalization and form pushes to your CRM are executed properly. For general information about this feature, see this page.

Standard fields create consistency in how your lists are constructed. This will lead to easier maintenance of your core lists.

  1. Go to Contacts > Standard Field Names
  2. Start adding basic field names like First Name, Last Name, Title, and Company
  3. Add custom field names like Behavior Score, and Lead Source
  4. Continue to add more as needed

When you're setting your Act-On forms to push automatically into your CRM, Act-On will use standard field names to update the correct fields in your CRM.

  1. Integrate your CRM to your Act-On account
  2. Go to Contacts > Standard Field Names
  3. Click Optimize For CRM
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