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Setting up an Envelope From: Domain

Using a marketing sub-domain for emails (like is a best practice for most industries. It lets you build an email sending reputation that is separate from the rest of your corporate email activity. Once you choose a sub-domain to send from, you should add it to the 'envelope' that email services use for routing and delivery.

Note: Only use one sending domain per Act-On instance. If you have multiple domains, choose the one with the healthiest reputation.

To set up your Envelope From: address, work with your mail or IT team to:

  1. Decide on a new sub-domain to be used for your new Envelope From: domain email headers (i.e.,
  2. Create a TXT record under the new sub-domain: v=spf1 -all
    • This sets the SPF policy for the newly created sub-domain only, separately from the SPF steps above
  3. Add an MX record for the new sub-domain and point it to (priority 10)
  4. Contact support (see below) and provide the sub-domain

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Support will reply to confirm that setup is complete

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