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Setting up a Friendly From Domain

You can pick from several email addresses to use as the 'From' on your message. Each domain that you use for this purpose (like must be specially configured and authenticated to work as your 'Friendly From' addresses.

Just like with physical mail, the Friendly From address is on the message only – it is separate from the Envelope From address used to deliver the message:

Important: Your Envelope From email addresses must be set up separately.

The process is similar, but both are required for email deliverability.

Every time you add a From address with a new domain, you must complete this setup for that domain.

SPF for Friendly From

You must enable Sender Policy Framework (SPF) for each Friendly From domain to let Act-On send emails on your behalf.

  1. Choose the addresses you want use as From addresses on your messages (eg.,,, and make a list of the domains
  2. Add the From addresses in Act-On

    Next, work with your mail or IT team to:
  3. For each domain (bolded in examples above) create a new TXT record under the DNS of the domain:
    • v=spf1 -all
  4. Continue the process below

Important: Setup is not finished until all steps below are complete.

DKIM for Friendly From

You must enable DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) for each Friendly From domain to let Act-On use it as From label on your messages.

  1. Gather the list of domains you are using for your From addresses (the same list used above)
  2. From the Start page in Act-On, locate your Account ID (in the Account section, next to your Account Name)
  3. For each domain: Work with your IT to create a new CNAME entry with the format below in the DNS of that particular domain:
    and point it to
    • If you already enabled DKIM on this domain during Envelope From setup, skip this step for this domain
    • See Editing Your DNS to Implement DKIM for how to add the CNAME in your hosting service
    • For multiple accounts: Please use your parent account's ID for the CNAME entry on all child accounts
  4. Continue the process below

Important: Setup is not finished until all steps below are complete.

Support Ticket for Friendly From

After setting up SPF and DKIM for your Friendly From domain, contact our support team using the links below to complete the process.

Please log in to make this request.

If you are not able to use the link above because you do not have Act-On login credentials, click here.

Support will reply to confirm that setup is complete.

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