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Setting up SPF

A Sender Policy Framework (SPF) adds a layer of security to your emails. Email providers regard emails as suspicious if they do not pass an SPF check.

SPF is a complex subject, but here's a simple overview:

  • You specify an IP address as one you will use to send emails
  • When you send an email, the recipient's email service checks the IP you listed against the one you're really sending from
  • If the IPs match, the email is considered much more secure; if they do not, it is likely to be marked as spam

To set up SPF:

  1. Ask your IT team to create an SPF record in your DNS that describes all authorized senders for your domain
    SPF for Google Hosted Email
    SPF for Outlook Hosted Email
    (If you have an existing SPF record, skip this step)

  2. Ask your IT team to add Act-On as an authorized sender by adding "" to your record before "-all"

You can validate the updated SPF record at

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