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Setting up DKIM

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is a system that helps authenticate your emails. Email providers treat DKIM as an essential step in their spam checking process.

DKIM has many parts, but here's a simple overview:

  • You add encrypted signatures to parts of your emails
  • You provide a key in your public DNS record to decrypt these secure portions
  • When you send an email, the recipient's email service checks this encryption process
  • If the public key unlocks the encrypted signature, the email is considered more legitimate

To set up DKIM:

  1. From the Start page in Act-On, locate your Account ID (next to your username under Account)
  2. Ask your IT administrator to create this CNAME entry in your corporate DNS:
    and point it to
    • See Editing Your DNS to Implement DKIM for how to add the CNAME in your hosting service
    • For multiple accounts: Please use your parent account's ID for the CNAME entry on all child accounts
  3. Work with your IT to set up a new email alias: postmaster@(
    • Make sure that you have access to this email account for the next setup steps
  4. Contact Support to enable DKIM (see below)

Please log in to submit your request.

Support will reply to confirm that setup is complete. As part of this step, we will also register you for Yahoo's Complaint Feedback Loop service. We will reply to your Support case to arrange the verification process.

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