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Best Practice for Reusing a Managed Account

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users, Agency Users
OBJECTIVES: Learn why Act-On does not support recycling of managed accounts and next course of action to take.

The Act-On agency dashboard allows marketing agencies to manage their clients’ Act-On accounts. Agencies can create or delete new accounts, allocate (provision) active contacts, assign managers, log into the account, etc.

What if a specific managed account is no longer needed?

  • Act-On does not support the recycling of a previously used, managed account.
  • Act-On is not able to clear opt-out or spam complaint lists on your behalf per SPAM-CAN compliance laws.
  • Recycling an instance can also cause data cookie and reference errors in your lead lists and reporting.

Once a specific managed account is no longer needed, please take one of the following actions:

  • If the managed account needs to be referenced in the future or if they may return as a customer you will want to keep the managed account active. If you need additional managed accounts please speak to your Partner Success Manager.
  • If the managed account is no longer needed, it can be deleted via the Agency Dashboard User Guide.
  • Please note that deleting a managed account will delete all reporting history.
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