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Creating [Great] Campaigns When You Are Content Poor


Content marketing has become an important piece of a modern digital marketing plan, with a variety of content formats playing a key role across the entire buyer’s journey.

But what do you do when you don’t have the time or resources to create content across channels? How can you get the most ROI from your marketing efforts across multiple marketing channels?

In this webcast recording, Amy Campbell from The Red Checker, and Lindsay Karlin, Act-On Customer Success Manager, help you discover marketing assets you already have at your disposal, and apply this discussion tactically in the Act-On platform.

The key takeaways from this recording include learning how to:

  • Convert long webinars into a webinar series
  • Turn a podcast or webinar into a whitepaper
  • Convert whitepaper into blog series
  • Attract visitors to your landing page to generate new leads
  • Turn Q&A from your webinar into on-demand webcast
  • Broadcast different content assets via social channels

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