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Act-On Software

Creating Campaigns and Generating Campaign Reports

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users

Act-On campaigns can be created for reporting purposes. This feature allows you to create an aggregate report of all assets from Act-On based on your individual campaigns.

Follow the steps below to learn how to use Act-On marketing campaigns:

  • Click on Automation, and choose Campaigns.
  • Click New Campaign.
  • Enter a name for the campaign.
  • Enter a description for the campaign that provides more detail on the report.
  • Click the box for Calendar Color to select a color to identify campaign messages in the Marketing Calendar.
  • Click Add Content to choose any messages, forms, landing pages, media, webinars, or web page URLs.

Once the content has been identified, you can hover over the campaign to:

  • View the Dashboard report
  • Edit to add or remove content
  • Delete the campaign entirely

The dashboard will allow you to view all the assets within the campaign: an individual Sent Message report and an aggregate Messages report, form views and submits, and any other assets associated with the campaign.

AOmegaphonesmall.pngPlease note:

For aggregate campaign messages report, the Unique Sent in the campaign messages report reflects the number of people who have been sent at least one message in your multi-message campaign. For multi-message campaigns, the Unique Sent will often be less than the Total Sent, because the campaign may consist of multiple different messages being sent to an overlapping audience. Multi-asset campaigns are found in Automation > Campaigns, and the campaign messages report is accessed on the top right of the messages section of the campaign dashboard.


When you create a message in Drafts, you can identify the message to be automatically included in a campaign. In Step 4 (Send) of the email composer, you'll find a checkbox to Add to campaign. Simply place a checkmark in the checkbox prior to sending the message.


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