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Test Message Not Sending Due to Missing {sfowner} Personalization

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users

  • Learn how to send test messages to check for personalization errors
  • Learn how to use personalization in the Review step
When sending a message with {{sfowner.}} personalization (e.g. {{sfowner.title}}), use the Send Test button in the Compose step (Step 1) of the email composer.

 To send yourself a test, follow these steps:

  • Select Tests
  • Select Test Recipients.
  • Choose the type of message HTML or Text and the Test Recipient
  • You will be prompted to send the test message, click OK.

After proceeding through all four steps (Compose, Address, Review, Send), the personalization check becomes active, meaning the appropriate values must be in your recipient list.  Since the personalization checks are active, the message will be suppressed as your Test list contains only First Name, Last Last, Email Address and Company fields.

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