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Inserting an Image from the Act-On Library in an Email Message

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users
OBJECTIVES: Learn how to insert an image from the Act-On Library into an email message

Images can be used for branding purposes in your email messages, or as a call-to-action for your recipients.

Follow the steps below to insert an image from the Act-On Library into your rich text block:

  • Hover over the rich text block in your email message, and click Pencil icon.
  • Place your cursor wherever you would like the image to be inserted.
  • Click Insert Image from Act-On Media Library.
  • Select the desired image.

The image will display in the rich text editor in the same format as it was uploaded and originally sized. To resize the image, select it and drag the sides or corners to the desired size. If the inserted image is not the intended image, select the image and click the Delete key on your keyboard. Additional options for resizing and editing the properties of an image are available by clicking Insert/Edit Image.

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