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Creating a Custom Email Greeting

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users
OBJECTIVES: Learn how to setup and customize the Greeting Block

When you create a new message with the Start From a Blank Message option, Act-On inserts 6 standard blocks into the body of the message as a starting point. In the Greeting block, you can choose from several standard greetings, but you may want to create one that's a little more to your liking.


In the Greeting block, you can choose from several standard personalized greetings that will populate from your Standard Field Names.

There are two ways to setup your Greeting Block, either by using the Greeting Block or for a more customizable greeting you can use the Rich Text Block.

  • Hover over the block showing set up your greeting and click the Pencil icon.
  • A pop up box will appear with 8 personalized options to choose from, or if you are unable to personalize the message due to missing data, you can enter a generic greeting.
  • If you are beginning with a new message, hover over the Greeting Block and click Delete.
  • Under Add New Blockclick and drag the Rich Text Block into your message.
  • The Rich Text Block will open.
  • In the editor click the Insert Personalization Field button.
  • The Insert Personalization Field box will open, select your Standard Field Name for your greeting and click Insert.

If you elected not to use any generic text or have chosen a simple replacement for the field (e.g., 'Valued Customer' instead of 'First Name'), place your desired greeting words before the personalization field and your desired punctuation after the personalization field. For example:

Hi ((First Name)),' or 'Hi ((=((First Name))|Valued Customer)),

If your generic text includes the greeting you would like to use (e.g., 'Hello,'), place your desired standard greeting inside the personalization block after the equals sign. Be sure to add a space after the greeting and your punctuation after the personalization field. For example:

((=Howdy ((First Name)),|Hello,))

Once you've composed your message, be sure to click Preview in the Review step to see how your greeting will display for your recipients.

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