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Importing Custom Email Templates

AUDIENCE:  Administrators, Marketing Users, Web Developers, Graphic Designers
OBJECTIVES: Learn how to upload a pre-designed message

Act-On email messages can be based on templates for content and layout. You can create your own templates to meet your branding needs. For a new template, create the HTML and plain text versions in your favorite editor then upload them to your Act-On account.

If you designed your entire message outside of Act-On, you can simply upload it as part of the 'new message' process:

  • Click Outbound > New Message.
  • Click Upload a pre-designed message.
  • Click Browse to locate the HTML, text, or zip file that contains your message.
    • A .HTM or .HTML file would contain the HTML version of the message; a .TXT file would contain the text version; a .ZIP file would contain just the HTML version or both text and HTML, along with any images used in the HTML version
  • Click Upload Now.
  • Make any desired changes to your text, and click Done.
    • There is also an option to test any links you may have and to insert some common personalization variables
    • You can now preview the message in the message wizard. If changes need to be made, simply click on the block containing your text and edit it.
Tip: For best results when using pre-designed messages, use inline style in your HTML

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