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Using JavaScript in Forms and Landing Pages

AUDIENCE:  Administrators or Marketing Users with technical knowledge, Web Developers, Web Designers
OBJECTIVES:Provide an overview of JavaScript support with various components of Act-On

JavaScript is supported within Act-On, but is restricted in some components of the application.

JavaScript is supported within Act-On, but is restricted in some components of the application. By default, it is disabled in Custom StationeryCustom Content Blocks and Rich Text Blocks but can be enabled if your account is configured with a subdomain. See the article Updating Your Vanity Domain Alias for further information on subdomains.

If your account is configured to use a subdomain, then please contact Act-On Support to let us know you would like JavaScript to be enabled. We will quickly grant your request during business hours.

Further detail:

  • In the editor, Rich Text Blocks (Section Headings in forms), Custom Content Blocks, and Custom Stationery support JavaScript but it is not enabled by default. Please ensure your account is configured with a subdomain, and then please contact Act-On Support if you would like this to be enabled. 
  • Javascript (.js) files may be uploaded as part of a Custom Stationery
  • JavaScript is not permitted in email messages, and will be automatically removed by Act-On if detected in an email being sent out. This is because many recipient email clients or email security appliances will remove JavaScript automatically from incoming mail, or not deliver/blacklist any mail containing JavaScript (due to security concerns).

Exceptions to the above, where JavaScript is enabled by default:

  • The External Web Analytics Support text area in a form's settings supports JavaScript by default, covered in further detail in the article Customizing Form Appearance and Functionality
  • The Script button in the landing page editor allows you to enter JavaScript. This will embed your script at the the bottom of your landing page document, and is an appropriate solution for most third-party analytics codes (such as Google's various tracking scripts).

If JavaScript is entered into an unsupported section of Act-On (or if the enhanced JavaScript support is not enabled for your account), your scripts will be automatically removed or hiddenThese restrictions are for security reasons, but the above-mentioned sections of the application which do support scripts make it possible to import your custom design or functionality. 

If you have any further questions, please contact Act-On Support.

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