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Act-On Software

Managing Scheduled Email Messages

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users
OBJECTIVES: Learn how to manage scheduled email messages

To create an Act-On email message, you will complete a series of steps. The final step in this process (Step 4. Send) allows you to choose a delivery method.

If you choose to schedule a message to be sent later, the message will automatically be saved under Outbound Other Messages > Scheduled.

  • Scheduled messages are listed chronologically
  • To change the schedule time or date, hover over the scheduled message and choose Reschedule
  • To change the recipients or edit a message, hover over the scheduled message and choose Move to Drafts
Note: The addresses you have selected within the recipient list will be determined at the scheduled launch time, rather than when the message is created. For example, if you choose a list segment of 100 people for your recipient list at the time of scheduling, then you add 25 people to the segment before the message launches, the message will launch with the current list segment count of 125.


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