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Approving Email Messages for Sending


Act-On administrators have a few more privileges than marketing users within the Act-On platform. Administrators can ensure that email messages created by marketing users require approval by an administrator prior to launch.

If a marketing user has an approver assigned, when sending a message they will have the option to submit for approval to send immediately or at a scheduled future date.

Once a marketing user submits a message for approval, the assigned approver will receive an email notification that a message scheduled for launch needs approval.

Messages sent for approval are accessible by selecting Awaiting Approval from the Other Messages option under Outbound. The specified approver can choose to approve the message or return to draft mode for additional changes.

Follow the steps below to approve email messages to be sent:

  • Hover over Outbound > Other Messages Awaiting Approval.
  • Hover over the message awaiting approval, and choose one of the options below:
    • Approve - Will approve the email message for sending. 
    • Reschedule – Allows you to schedule a different date and time when Act-On will launch the email message.
    • Move to Drafts – Moves the email message to Outbound > Drafts.
    • Edit – When editing an email message, the message will be unscheduled from being sent.

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