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Act-On Anywhere Installation


In less than 60 seconds you can be up and running with Act-On Anywhere.

If you are running any previous version of our Gmail Extension...

You will need to remove it from your Google Chrome browser before installing Act-On Anywhere.

  • Visit chrome://extensions/ from your Chrome browser.
  • Locate Act-On Software Google Chrome Extension for Gmail and click the trash can icon to remove the extension from Chrome.
  • Once removed, you can move forward with the Act-On Anywhere installation as detailed below.


To install Act-On Anywhere:

  • Go to the Google Chrome Web Store from your Google Chrome Web Browser using the following link:
  • The Act-On Anywhere extension page will display, click the blue Add to Chrome button in the upper right hand corner.
  • Confirm the new extension by clicking "Add"
  • Once you click "Add", Act-On Anywhere will be added to Google Chrome.
  • You will be redirected to the Account Management Dashboard, Click the + Account button and enter your Act-On user email address and password, and click save.

Note: You will need to call Support to create a unique login/password for each of your child accounts

After Act-On Anywhere is installed, you will be brought to the Account Management Dashboard where you have the ability to manage both your associate accounts and websites.

To manage Act-On accounts associated with the Act-On Anywhere:

  • Click the + Account button and enter your Act-On account user credentials.
  • Click Save.
  • Once your account is authenticated, you will see your name appear under Account Email.

To edit an account:

  • Click either the pencil icon under Edit to modify your account.
  • Edit your email address or password and click Save

To delete an account:

  • Click the X under Delete to remove your account.
  • Click OK to confirm.

To manage websites associated with the Act-On Anywhere:

  • Click the Website tab > + Website button and specify the top-level website URL.
  • Click Timeline and Content Assist.
  • Click Save.

To edit an associated website:

  • Click the pencil icon under Edit to modify your account.
  • The Edit Website popup will appear, giving you the ability to enter a new website URL or enable/disable the Timeline and Content Assist.
  • Click Save after making any changes.

To delete an associated website:

  • Click the X under Delete.
  • Click OK to confirm.

To modify the available features:

To modify the Timeline and Content Assist features, simply click on the icon to enable or disable the feature.

  • Green Icon = The feature is enabled
  • Grey Icon = The feature is disabled.

After Act-On Anywhere is installed, you will noticed a new Act-On icon to the right of your browser bar within Google Chrome. Clicking this icon will bring up the options available within Act-On Anywhere.

  • Content Assist - To enable Content Assist for the page you are on, click the checkmark. This will automatically add the website to your Manage Websites list.
  • Overlay Position - Determines the placement of the Content Assist icon within your rich text editor.
  • Timeline - To enable the marketing timeline for the page you are on, click the checkmark.
  • Show Timeline - To show the marketing timeline for the page you are on, click the Show Timeline.
  • SEO Audit Page - Click SEO Audit Page to run an SEO audit for the webpage you are on.
  • Options - Brings up the Account Management Dashboard.

After installation you will navigate back to Act-On and select the image/media folders you would like to enable for use with Act-On Anywhere.

To do this, navigate to:

  • Content > (Image Library / Media Library / Email Templates)
  • Click the cloud icon above the folder list.
  • Click the toggle to the right of the folder(s) you want to enable.

Those folders are now Sales Enabled and accessible within Act-On Anywhere.


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