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Important Update: Social Features Availability

There is an important update today related to the status of newer functionality currently in Labs: the Social Listener, Publish and Analytics. It’s been great to see adoption of these features and as we continue to ensure these features are ready for deploying to all customers, we’ve uncovered some issues that can have a negative impact on our platform’s performance. Due to these issues, we need to further assess the situation and take a precautionary measure to remove them from Labs for the time being.  Thanks again for taking the initiative to leverage these new features as Act-On re-evaluates their status.

Act-On will be turning off these features this Friday, Oct. 6.  In the interim, all customers can still leverage our social engagement tools that were available in Act-On prior to the beta launch of these new features a few months back.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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