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Using the Social Publish Feature

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users

The Act-On Social Publish feature allows you to publish landing pages, forms, media files or any URL from a single integrated marketing platform.

Below are the steps to connect to Social Publish:

Set up your Twitter handlers, personal or group LinkedIn accounts, and personal Facebook accounts.

  • Click on Settings, and click Connectors
  • Select Social

AOmegaphonesmall.pngPlease note:

The Social Publish feature will post to Facebook pages as long as the personal accounts are set up as administrators for those pages.

  • Click on Outbound, and click Social Publish.
  • Click New or the Click here link.
  • Choose which social media application you would like to post to, and select the appropriate accounts in the drop-down.
  • Click URL to be Shared or select asset from drop-down, and choose which asset you will publish:
    • Act-On form
    • Act-On landing page
    • Act-On media asset
    • Any URL beginning with 'http://'
  • Enter the comment that will post in LinkedIn and Facebook.
    • You can also include a title, description and image associated with the comment.
    • You can select an image from your Act-On Image Library, search a website for an image, or enter your own URL (beginning with 'http://') that directs to an image
  • Enter the Twitter message, keeping in mind the 140-character limit.
    • Use hashtags with your tweets, like #ActOnSW or @ActOnSoftware!
  • Then choose to Publish Immediately or Publish at the following time.
    • The time zone is based on the time zone for your account, found under Account > Profile.
  • Click Next to publish to social media.
    • The next page will allow you to preview and confirm the post prior to publishing
  • You can also click Save Draft if your post is not yet complete.

AOmegaphonesmall.pngPlease note:

The URL will be shortened, and the visits to the link you shared will be tracked per social media account. Use the Published list to view a report for each Social Publish that shows the total clicks and the clicks per channel.

Navigating Social Publish

Once a post is drafted/created in Social Publish, you can find the post in any one of the following categories:

When a Social Publish post is created and saved as a draft, it will be found in the Drafts listing page. You can manage this page using the features below:

  • Preview the Social Publish post
  • Make a copy of the Social Publish post
  • Delete the Social Publish post altogether
  • Move the Social Publish post to a different folder
  • Resume editing of the Social Publish post
  • Create folders to organize all Social Publish post drafts
  • Enable/cancel alerts for failed Social Publish posts
  • Create and send new Social Publish posts

All Social Publish posts that are scheduled rather than sent immediately can be found in the Scheduled listing page. As you hover over each scheduled Social Publish post, you can:

  • Preview the Social Publish post
  • Reschedule the Social Publish post to post on a different date/time
  • Unschedule the Social Publish post and return it to the Drafts listing page

Any Social Publish posts that failed to send will be found in the Failed listing page. As you hover over a failed Social Publish post you can:

  • Preview the Social Publish post and view its report
  • Reschedule the Social Publish post to post on a different date/time

All Social Publish posts that are published/sent will be found in the Published listing page. As you hover over a post, you can:

  • Review the Social Publish post
  • Report on the social media channels the post went to and how many clicks each post received
  • View the visits generated by each individual Social Publish post

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