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Act-On Software

Creating a Form Confirmation Email

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users

  • Create a confirmation email assigned to each form
Act-On forms can be created to send a confirmation email automatically upon submission to notify registrants that their registration has been received. This is very useful with webinar registrations.

Follow the steps below to create a confirmation email for your form:

  • Click Content, and click Forms.
  • Create a new form, or edit an existing form.
  • Add any fields you need within the form.
  • Click 2. Settings.
  • Click Create Confirmation Email Message.
  • Choose from any of the following options to create the form auto-response message:
    • Start with a Blank HTML message
    • Start with a Blank Text message
    • Start from an Existing Template
    • Start from a Previous Message
    • Upload a Pre-designed Message
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