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Act-On Software

Using Double Opt-in

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users

  • Define the steps necessary to set up a double opt-in
  • Create and maintain high list quality


Using a double opt-in is a great way to ensure that the quality of your lists remains high. This increases the deliverability of your messages and lowers the chances for complete opt-outs.

Below is an example workflow for a double opt-in within Act-On:

  • Create the first form that will capture the initial submission (i.e., the first opt-in).
    • This form could be integrated to your website or serve as a link in an email campaign
  • Create the second form that will capture the second submission (i.e., the second opt-in).
  • Create a message that contains a link to the second form created in Step 2.
  • Attach the message created in Step 3 as the first form's confirmation email.
    • The message will serve as the verification email
    • When the recipients complete the second form within the email, the corresponding Signup list to this form can be used for mailing



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