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Act-On Software

Publishing Landing Pages

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users

Act-On landing pages can be created without the involvement of your IT or development team. Landing pages are generated using the web page editor within Act-On, or an imported design can be used.

There is no distinction between 'draft' versus 'published' with landing pages, unlike some other platforms. In Act-On, as soon as the Save button is clicked within the editor, your page is live and is accessible through the landing page public URL. 

  •  Click on Content > Landing Pages.
  • Hover over the name of the landing page you wish to use.
  • Click the Down-arrow
  • Click Get Public URLs.

On the Landing Page URLs page, you have the option to generate a new URL,  a short URL, or a SEO-friendly URL.

Each standard landing page URL generated by the system can be paired with a short URL or a SEO-friendly URL -- they are grouped together in this way. For instance, by default you may generate a single short URL and a SEO-friendly URL to complement the default landing page URL, but to generate a new short URL or SEO-friendly URL you would need to generate a new URL (creating a new group).

The purpose of multiple URLs is to enable tracking the source of your landing page's visitors. For instance, you could reserve URL Group A for Social Media campaign A, or URL Group B for online banner ad B. Visitors could be coming into either URL, and the Act-On landing page report will break down the statistics independently for each URL group.

Short URL

A short URL will utilize a URL shortening service (such as or Google URL Shortner) to generate a landing page URL that requires fewer characters. This makes the URL better suited for situations where customers need to manually type in a URL, or when a URL is being posted to Twitter.

SEO-friendly URL

A SEO-friendly URL enables you to customize the text within your landing page's URL. For instance, this URL becomes:

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