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Understanding and Migrating to the New Landing Page Composer


Act-On’s New Landing Page Composer is a drag-and-drop editor that allows marketers to build beautiful, responsive landing pages with ease.

AOmegaphonesmall.pngPlease note:

If your account was activated after October 8, 2015, you already have the New Landing Page Composer. Please disregard this FAQ, as it does not apply to your account. 

It maintains the functionality of the Classic Landing Page Composer, but introduces many new features within a redesigned interface that’s simpler than the Classic.

This summer, we’ll retire the Classic Landing Page Composer in favor of the New Landing Page Composer. We are making this move to provide all of our customers with more features and functions that have been requested, as well as ensure consistency and compatibility across all editors within the platform.

Here is a Q&A covering the most common questions about this change. 

The New Landing Page Composer is accessible in Content -> Landing Pages labeled New New Landing Page. The Classic Landing Page Composer is labeled with + New Landing Page.

It will be retired in two stages:

  • Thursday, July 7th: You won’t be able to create new landing pages in the Classic Landing Page Composer, but you’ll still be able to edit existing Classic landing pages in the Classic Composer.
  • Thursday, August 4th: The Classic Landing Page Composer will be officially retired. All landing pages will open in the New Landing Page Composer for editing. Existing pages will automatically be migrated when the page is opened.

Today! We encourage you to begin migrating your content to test everything out and make sure you’re comfortable with the new Composer before the retirement of the Classic Landing Page Composer.

  • To begin migrating an existing Classic landing page, simply go to Content > Landing Pages and click the button labeled New New Landing Page to launch the New Landing Page Composer.

  • From the composer’s start menu, select Landing Page to start from an existing landing page.

  • This will launch the asset picker. Here you can select an existing Classic landing page and import it as a Custom Content block.
  • Now, using the New Landing Page Composer, you have access to snazzy new editing features including disabling the Stationery, adjusting the Page Properties, adding additional blocks, and more.

No. New Landing Pages can only be opened and edited in the New Composer.

Yes. Based on customer feedback, we have removed some features and changed others.

Here’s a list of features in the Rich Text Block of the Classic Composer that will not be in the Rich Text Block of the New Composer:

  • Remove Formatting
  • Clean Up Messy Code
  • Insert Special Character
  • Paste As Plain Text
  • Paste from Word
  • Insert/Edit Anchor
  • Insert/Edit Embedded Media
  • Insert Act-On Social Share Block
  • Insert Act-On Bulletproof Button
  • Insert Layout Structure
  • Toggle Spell Checker

Some of these features have become individual blocks in the New Landing Page Composer, such as Social Share, Video, and Button blocks. Most of the others are now built in to the new composer, eliminating the need for these features as stand-alone elements.

As for other blocks, these are the highest-profile:

  • The Time and Place block has been removed. Instead, use the Map Block for place and the Rich Text block’s Insert iCalendar Link feature for time. These give you more styling options.
  • The Multiple Choice block has been removed. You can still create a multiple choice list using a form and inserting the Form block. Individual features from the Greeting block in the Classic Composer have been consolidated into the Rich Text block of the New Composer.

(To see the full list of the New Landing Page Composer’s features and benefits, please visit this page.)


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