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Act-On Software

Contact Search History Overview

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users, Sales Users
 Gain a general understanding of a contact's search history

When someone visits an Act-On-tracked web page through a Google AdWords paid listing, Act-On captures the paid search term used to visit the page.

This is useful not only for reporting the source of the lead, but also for segmenting and scoring visitors based on the search term(s) used to find the page.

Marketing users can access and use the visitor’s search history in several ways, as listed below.

  • Contact’s activity history
    • Access by clicking on any contact in a list
    • View the search terms in the Search box
  • List segmentation
    • Access in Query Method > Behavior - Searched > Select Terms
  • Scoring rules – access using:
    • Scoring Rules > Clicked on an organic search listing > Enter value
    • Scoring Rules > Clicked on a paid search ad > Enter value
    • Scoring Rules > Add Scores for Specific Actions > Used Organic/Paid Search Terms  > Enter value
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