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The Erase Contact Tool

When you need to delete a contact's data from your marketing database, the Erase Contact tool can quickly and easily help you remove all data associated with the contact’s email address.

Note: This feature has been delayed. It will be released by 5/25.

In some cases, erasing a contact’s data can be a legal requirement, including under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the included Right to be Forgotten provision

The tool also provides you with a receipt of the processed request to use as proof of erasure

Please note: All erased data cannot be recovered by you or by Act-On.

Using the Erase Contact tool

Important: If you are syncing data to/from Act-On, you must first erase the contact from your other database – otherwise, the contact could re-enter Act-On during a sync.

Admin users can follow these steps to use the tool:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Other Settings > Erase Contact
  2. Under Erase this contact:, enter the email address of the contact you wish to erase
    • If the contact has multiple email addresses, each must be submitted separately to ensure complete erasure
  3. Under Send confirmation of erasure to:, enter an internal email address for your company that can receive receipts of contact erasure
    • This address will be saved in your account for future use
    • This email address should not be tied to an individual, in case that person leaves the company in the future
  4. Press the Erase Contact button
  5. Read the warning and confirm that you have already erased the contact from any database synchronized with Act-On
  6. Click Erase to submit the erasure request

Confirmation emails

A confirmation email is sent to the designated internal email address to provide you with a receipt of erasure for each contact erased from your Act-On account. This email contains both the email address submitted for erasure and the date and time the erasure was completed.

If we believe that erasure will take a longer than usual amount of time we will send an initial email as a receipt of request. Then, once the request has been processed and the contact erased, the internal email address will receive the receipt of erasure email.

Example Receipt of Request Email:

email confirmation of request.png

Example Confirmation of Erasure Email:


Erased Data

Following the use of the Erase Contact tool, the Act-On application will search all lists and segments and erase the contact from each. In addition, it will search for all associated behavioral data, opt-in status, subscription preferences, and other data in your Act-On account and remove or anonymize each individual behavior.

As a result, you may notice minor changes to report data which rely on behavioral data including but not limited to email click-through rates, form submission counts, or total message sends.

Please note: All erased data cannot be recovered by you or by Act-On.

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