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Adding a Contact to the Opt-out List


If a contact has requested to be added to your opt out list, you can manually add them to the Act-On Opt List. 

  • Click the Contacts drop-down menu.
  • Select Other Lists>Bounces & Opt-Outs.
  • Click the Opt-Out list title and click Open to view the list of email addresses.
  • Click Add Email Address
  • Enter the email address you wish to add


You can also create an Automated Program to push a segment to the Opt Out list automatically:

  • Click Contacts, and click Marketing Lists, or click Other Lists for Signup, or Webinar Lists.
  • Hover over the list or segment and click dropdown menu for More.
  • Choose Create a Segment 
  • Enter a name for the segment that you can easily identify.
  • Choose the Query option in the Method drop-down.
  • Combine expression with AND 
  • Click the Behavior option in the drop down for the criteria
  • Select in all time  as the date criteria and choose Opted Out equals none for the behavior. This will ensure that we are not adding anyone to the opt out list is that is already in the opt out list. 
  • Click on the plus sign to add an additional criteria
  • Choose the Profile option in the drop down for the criteria
  • Select your field and corresponding condition and value to identify those that should be in your opt out list.  Here is an example of what it should look like:



Create your Automated Program:

  • Use the newly created segment as the source list of your automated program
  • The schedule of this program can be ran once daily
  • Under Program Flow, drag and drop Add to Opt-Outs step to the program flow

The contacts in this segment will be added to your Act-On account Opt-out list.

AOmegaphonesmall.pngPlease note:

If you need to have your entire Opt-Out list removed, Act-On will not be able to fulfill the request due to legal reasons. Under very small conditions can we ask our engineering team to remove contacts out of your Opt-Out list. That condition would ONLY be if you uploaded the wrong Opt-Out list to our system, only then can you make a request to have the list removed.



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