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Suppressing Recipient Email Domains


Sending email messages is one of the core marketing activities for organizations; however, some organizations may need to ensure that specific email domains are automatically suppressed from receiving any email from their Act-On account.

For example, you may wish to suppress your competitors' email domains, or perhaps personal email aliases if your organization engages strictly with business-to-business email addresses only.

Follow the steps below to opt-out, suppress or blacklist a domain and ensure these domains do not receive any emails from your Act-On account:

  • Click Contacts > Other Lists.
  • Click the Bounces & Opt-Outs menu.
  • Select the E-mail Domain Suppression list.
  • Click Edit, or simply click on the title of the list.
  • Enter the domains that you would like to suppress from any mailings moving forward.
  • Click Submit.


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