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Act-On Software

Injecting a Behavior Score into a List Field

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users
OBJECTIVES: Set up a List Maintenance program for adding an Act-On behavior score to a field


The behavior score allows you to determine how interactive your leads and contacts have been with your Act-On marketing materials.

This information is vital for properly nurturing leads and funneling them through the sales process. For non-Salesforce users, the first step to identifying hot leads in your list(s) is by adding the Act-On behavior score into a list.

Follow the steps below to add a behavior score to a list:

  • Click Contacts and choose Marketing Lists, or click Other Lists,  Form Submissions or Webinar Lists.
  • Select the list, and click the green arrow on the right.
  • Choose Maintenance>Setup Maintenance Program.
  • Enter a name and description for the List Maintenance program.
  • Click Add Step.
  • Choose Change Field Value.
  • Update the Step Name.
  • Click the drop-down to Specify Field.
  • Click the Set Value To drop-down, and choose Set Value to Behavioral Score.
  • Click Done, and Save.
  • Click on the only when clicking the Now button hyperlink.
  • Specify the frequency of the List Maintenance program, and click Save. You can specify the frequency to occur as often as every hour.
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