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Overview of Contacts and List Types

AUDIENCE:  Administrators, Marketing Users

  • Learn the various types of contact lists in Act-On, and identify the use for each
  • Identify additional list features within Act-On


There are two ways you can access the List area:

  • In the Quick Start menu, click on List Management. This will immediately take you to your established Marketing lists.
  • You can also click on Contacts in the main menu. The menu shows you all your list types.

In Act-On, there are a variety of list types and features that can be setup and used in various ways. Below are all the lists and features that are available in your Act-On account:

Account lists are your contacts (e.g., Outlook contact list) that are shared for all marketing users, small test list, contacts acquired via the forward-to-a-friend feature, as well as contacts purchased through Act-On's (formerly Jigsaw) integration.

The Account List page also serves as a reference list for your sales prospects, account and opportunity fields, and subscribers to specific email categories.

Marketing Lists

A majority of your list activities will involve your Marketing lists. This is where you will upload new lists from Excel/CSV files, import and synchronize your CRM lists, create segments, and check the active contacts limits for your Act-On account.

Form Submissions

Act-On forms create a form submission list by default (unless you specify that the submissions are written to an existing list).

If the default form submission list is used, the list will be contained in this page.

Each of the form submissions lists will contain all records that completed the corresponding form, and you can create segments based on the form responses

Webinar Lists

When you integrate Act-On with your Cisco WebEx Event Center and/or Citrix GoToWebinar account, you can market your events using Act-On emails and forms.

The signup form will create a webinar list that contains all registrants for that specific webinar, and the webinar program can automatically create registration/attendance segments.

Bounces & Opt-Outs

All your suppression lists will be located here. This includes all prospects that have opted-out of your emails, hard bounced, soft bounced, and all spam complaints. In addition, you can specify domains that should not receive any emails from your Act-On account (e.g., competitors). This is where you can allow Act-On to send emails to generic email aliases. Act-On will also use the opt-out, hard bounces, inactive soft bounces, and spam complaints lists as automatic suppression lists for every email send. You don't have to worry about making sure these email addresses never receive emails from your Act-On account.

Events such as trade shows or golf tournaments can be categorized and scored differently in Act-On. Although they are typically not electronic in nature, these events can uncover great leads. Use custom touch points to create specific behaviors for these events, and provide them with a custom score.

You can create a custom scoring system for your prospects, and their activities with your Act-On marketing assets.

Create a consistent list schema across all your Act-On lists using standard field names. This makes sure that personalization in emails and synchronization with CRM fields occur properly.

Allow your email recipients to tell you what type of emails they want from your organization. Using this feature will help your email deliverability and increase interaction.

Looking for a specific contact record? Use the search feature by entering a search string like the contact's name or email address. Act-On will search through all your lists, and show the records that meet your search criteria within each list.

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