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Adding an Overall Lead Score List to a Marketing List

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users

  • Demonstrate how to create an Overall Lead Score list
  • Show how to create an Overall Lead Score folder
  • Explain the benefits of creating an Overall Lead Score list
  • Summarize how to create a List Maintenance program to update the Lead Score field


Path to creating an Overall Lead Score list

  • Click Contacts, and then click Marketing Lists.
  • Click New.
  • Enter the name of your new list (e.g., ‘Overall Lead Score’) in the Enter New List Name field.
  • Select the folder where you would like the list to be stored.
  • Under the Set Up New List Contents drop-down, choose Locate contacts with specific response behaviors.
  • Under the Behavior section, select the drop-down that says All Specified Behaviors and change it to Overall Behavior Score.
  • In the drop-down that populates, select At Least This Many and set the numeric value to 1.
Note: This list will provide you any lead or contact with a lead score of at least 1. You can then segment the list if you are searching for leads and contacts with a different or higher lead score (i.e., greater than 25).


Within Act-On you have the ability to assign a numeric value to a generic or specific action. As a person interacts with your various Act-On assets (i.e., website, forms, media files, etc.) they will continue to raise their lead score.

Creating an Overall Lead Score list allows you to segment and define a grouping of leads or contacts based on their individual lead score which allows for greater visibility to your most viable prospects and further allows for a more results-driven targeted campaign. This list will pull the leads and contacts from all of the Marketing lists you’ve imported and/or uploaded into one overall Lead Score list.

Creating an Overall Lead Score folder (optional)

  • Click Contacts, and then click Marketing Lists.
  • Hover over your folders and click Manage.
  • Click Add.
  • Enter a folder name (e.g., 'Overall Lead Scores') and click Add.

Creating an Overall Lead Score folder allows you to take your defined lead score lists (e.g., lead scores between 1-20 or lead scores between 25-50) and aggregate them in one location for ease of use and access.

Setting a List Maintenance program to update lead score field

You can set a List Maintenance program to automatically update the Lead Score column in your new list. See steps below:

  • Open the Overall Lead Score list. Choose More Actions > Change List Columns.
  • Click the Add Column button. New Column name is Lead Score. Press Submit and then Save.
  • To the right of your Overall Lead Score list, click the Green Down Arrow, click Maintenance, and then click Set Up Maintenance Program.
  • Give your program a title (e.g., 'Update Lead Scores') and click to Add Step.
  • Choose Change Field Value.
  • Click the drop-down menu Specify Field and choose Lead Score.
  • Click the drop-down men Set Value To and choose Set Value to Behavioral Score. Click Done and then Save.
  • Click the hyperlink Only when clicking the Now button and set this program on an automated sync. 
  • Click the Now button to update all of the leads and contacts already in this program.
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