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Migration to the new CRM Segmentation

We have made new improvements to segmentation based on CRM data. As a result, data that was imported via account and opportunity lists will now be managed via CRM Administration.

As part of the planned, automatic migration, we have converted your existing accounts and opportunities segments to now use data managed from the CRM Administration feature.

What is the new CRM Segmentation?

With the new CRM Segmentation you can utilize a new set of fields attached to CRM objects. Previously, limited CRM data segmentation was available for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. With the new CRM Segmentation you are now able to segment contacts based on any field on any object that is synced with Act-On via Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or SugarCRM.

  • You are now able to segment contacts based on any field on any object that is synced with Act-On from Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics or SugarCRM
  • You can use CRM Account fields in the new segmentation interface
  • The new CRM Segmentation requires fewer syncs with the connected CRM

CRM Segmentation replaces the special list syncs for Account and/or Opportunity data - previously found in Contacts > Other Lists > Account Lists. As part of the automatic migration, any existing segments will be converted to use data from the CRM Administration sync. The CRM Administration Page gives you the ability to edit the sync schedule, select which fields to include, and view a list of all records for a CRM object (e.g. Accounts, Opportunities, Leads). If not previously done, please set up a CRM sync on the CRM Administration page to ensure your data is current. Please note that if your old segments are migrated and a recurring sync has not been set-up the contents of your segments may differ due to the use of more recent data.


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