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Act-On Software

Setting Up CRM Administration

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users
OBJECTIVES: Identify the steps to set up your CRM Administration page

Act-On Software has created an entirely new way to access your CRM data directly for reporting. Your data model and records for Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Accounts, and custom fields will have a whole new level of easy integration in Act-On.

This standardized data store for your CRM data means that Act-On reports that were formerly only for Salesforce (such as the Revenue Attribution, Revenue Impact, Google AdWords, and Marketing Funnels) will be available for all supported CRMs. The first version supports Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Follow the steps below to set up your CRM Administration page:

  • Click on Settings, and click CRM Administration.
  • Under Recurring Synchronization, set the CRM synchronization schedule.
  • Under Field Selection, select the data fields that you wish to import for leads, contacts, opportunities, accounts, campaigns, and owners up to the allowable number of fields per CRM.
  • Click Synchronize Now.
  • Click Update.


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