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Upgrading your Salesforce Package to the Newest Version

Note: This is only for users needing to upgrade their Salesforce package to the newest version. If you have yet to install the Salesforce Package, please see our Salesforce Integration Guide.

What you’ll need to get started:

  • Salesforce versions: Enterprise, Professional, or Unlimited
  • Salesforce admin login credentials
  • Salesforce security token
  • Salesforce Install Package

Salesforce Administrative Setup and Custom Fields

Act-On's inline activity history view for the sales team requires you to authorize two Act-On URL's as remote sites in your Salesforce account. To set up the Act-On remote sites, go to: Set Up > Security Controls > Remote Site Settings > New Remote Site and configure the new remote site settings as follows:

  • Remote Site Name - Act_On_Service
  • Remote Site URL -
  • Remote Site Name - Act_On2
  • Remote Site URL - https://<ciXX>

The <ciXX> section of the URL should match the URL shown in your browser when logged into Act-On.

For example:  would be a remote site of in Salesforce.

Ensure that the Active checkbox is checked and save your changes by clicking the Save button.

Act-On recommends creating custom fields for use within Act-On, such as Act-On behavior score to calculate the lead score of your leads and contacts and Owner ID to associated Sales ownership. These custom fields will be created on the Leads and Contacts pages. 

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