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Importing and Syncing Salesforce Lists


The Act-On integration with Salesforce allows you to import your Salesforce lists to Act-On, and allows you to market directly to your CRM contacts and leads. In addition, you can synchronize lists between Salesforce and Act-On to ensure accuracy in your database.

Follow the steps below to import your Salesforce lists to Act-On:

  • Click on Contacts, and choose Marketing Lists.
  • Click Import, and select any of the available marketing lists.
  • Select the fields that you wish to import.
  • Click Finish.
  • Repeat steps 2 to 4 for every Salesforce list you wish to import.

Once the lists are imported, you can schedule the synchronization by taking the following steps:

  • Hover over any of the Salesforce lists, and click the drop-down arrow.
  • Click Import/Export, and choose Sync Setup.
  • Select the options to push (Add and/or Update) and pull (Add and/or Update).
    • Remember to select the lead score field that you've created in Salesforce to ensure Act-On pushes this data to Salesforce
  • Click Run Now to run immediately, or Schedule to schedule the synchronization.

The Salesforce Sync setup allows you to schedule the frequency with which you would like Act-On to either send and/or receive data to and from Salesforce or to run a sync immediately once the data parameters are set. 

The actions in terms of data exchange include:

  • Push to Salesforce:
    • Add new Act-On records to Salesforce 
    • Update existing records in Salesforce (Determine which fields will be updated)
  • Pull from Salesforce:
    • Add new records to the Act-On list from Salesforce
    • Update existing records in Act-On (Determine which fields you want to update in Act-On)
    • Remove records from this list that are not found on this list in Salesforce. (Removes records from Act-On if they've been deleted in Salesforce and it will remove the Lead if the Lead has been converted into a Contact).
  • Setting a recurring schedule or Run Now for Act-On and Salesforce data sync:
    • Click the Schedule button to set up
    • Select the frequency in which you would like to sync Act-On and Salesforce data – daily, weekly monthly, turn off
    • Enter the run time in hours (as often as every four hours)
    • Enter the start time you would like the job to run
      • Click Run Now if you would like the data sync to take place immediately
      • Click Save
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