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Automated Program Templates

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users

Automated program templates give users the ability to easily convert an existing program into a reusable template by preserving the structure and key settings while replacing lists, segments, and assets like messages with placeholders for rapid creation of programs based on a template.

Enable Program Templates

Program Templates are available as a Labs feature for all accounts and can be enabled on the Labs page found under Settings > Labs.

Once enabled a new menu option will appear in the menu for each automated program which will allow you to create a template based on that program. Furthermore, you will notice a new Program Templates page located under Automation.

When creating an automated program template, you preserve the steps and settings for the program but the lists, segments and messages of the program are replaced with descriptive placeholders. By replacing assets with placeholders, you can more easily fill-in all occurrences of the same asset in the program while also making it possible to use the same template in any account.

Therefore, when saving the template, it’s important to label the needed content appropriately to simplify the process when using the template in the future. Once the template is created, it will appear in the Program Templates listing. Please keep in mind that the automated program used to create the template must be error free before a template can be created.

To create a program based on a program template, simply select New Program from the template's menu. In the resulting modal window you can quickly select the lists, segments and messages that are needed to complete for the new program. This will automatically populate all content in the new program for the appropriate steps which is especially helpful when the same asset is referenced in multiple steps. Clicking create will create your program and take you to the program editor to review your work or set the program to run.

Program templates can be managed on the Program Templates page. Here, you can create a new program from your previously created templates, organize your templates, and delete any extraneous templates that are no longer needed or have been replaced with a new version. On this page, you have the ability to select and delete multiple templates, sort the folders and drag and drop landing pages into their respective folders.

Here’s a reminder of the controls within our new listings:

  • Multi-Select list object: Ctrl+click
  • Delete Multi-Selection: Backspace
  • Move object to folder/Sort folders: Hold Click and drag to desired location

For customers managing multiple accounts through the Agency Dashboard, program templates can be shared with one or more linked accounts using the same workflow as sharing messages. Once the program template is shared, the child account simply has to make sure the Program Templates feature is enabled in Labs and accept the template in their inbox and have it appear in their Program Templates listing once it is accepted.

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