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Release Notes - Q3 2018

August 9, 2018


Email notification added for Sugar connector failures due to invalid credentials 

In this release we've introduced functionality to alert Act-On account administrators via email when their Sugar connector fails due to invalid credentials. The email alert will be sent to all account administrators when any Act-On request to Sugar is denied on the basis of invalid credentials and will contain information on troubleshooting common causes of CRM credentials errors. This feature is already in place for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Various bugs resolved

A number of issues were resolved with this most recent release:

  • Failure to suppress some entrants to programs in certain situations 
  • Application appeared to delete the wrong segmentation criteria in the editor 
  • Progressive profiling sections in forms failed to fill in the Chrome browser with certain beacon settings 


Form Report no longer available via public link

As a part of Act-On's commitment to securing its customers' data, form submission data will no longer be available via public link. Act-On customers who wish to share submission data with their colleagues who do not have a login to the application can simply download the report data in Excel format via the item's menu or from the report.

July 17, 2018


Gated Content for New Forms 

An updated implementation of Gated Content is now available for the new Form Composer. This feature helps you make the most out of your content by requiring that visitors complete a web form prior to accessing it. The new Gated Content feature is set-up within the Form Composer itself, whereas the Classic one was accessed from the Media Library. Also, unlike with the Classic feature, when a visitor completes your form they'll receive an automatic content download and be redirected to the Response Page. Please refer to the Knowledge Base for more detailed information. Please Note: The Classic Gated Content feature will continue to function until Classic Forms are retired

New Version of Salesforce Package Available 

In this Release we've added support for Salesforce Lightning mode for Professional Edition users in a new package. Going forward, all version of SFDC will be supported in this updated version. For the most up-to-date functionality, all users of the Act-On Salesforce Plugin should uninstall their current version and install the new one (version 1.78) following the instructions in the Salesforce Integration Guide.

Form Sections Available in Form Conditions

Form Sections have been added to the Form Conditions editor in the New Form Composer, making it possible to hide or show Form Sections based on specified criteria.

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