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Release Notes - Q1 2018

March 22, 2018

Salesforce package updated to support Lightning mode
Act-On's integration with Salesforce allows you to share information and use your Salesforce database for mailings and intelligence gathering. The integration also allows Salesforce users to see any marketing activities a lead or contact has participated in, so that when the individual is contacted the Salesforce user has a complete view of their behavioral history.

In this release, we have updated the Act-On package that is installed in Salesforce environments to display the Act-On tab, provide buttons to send an Act-On email, view a contact's behavior history and more. This updated package (version 2.21), is now compatible with Salesforce Lightning mode and will display nearly all features that have been previously available in Classic mode or previously added manually in Lightning. The single incompatible feature with Lightning is the ability to send the contents of a Salesforce Report to a list in Act-On. This is no longer a capability that can be achieved in Lightning. However, since the package is fully backwards compatible, you can always utilize this feature by switching back to the Salesforce Classic view temporarily.

Installation is straightforward - simply uninstall the prior version of the package and then install the new one. For more information, check out the updated Salesforce Integration Guide to get started with your update.

Classic forms now use new Google reCAPTCHA v2 

In advance of the planned shutdown of Google reCAPTCHA v1 on March 31st we've updated the Classic Form Composer to use reCAPTCHA v2. From this point any newly created or modified Classic Forms will use the latest version.  To put the change into effect for existing Classic Forms containing the reCAPTCHA an updated version must be saved to your account. This process will be performed by Act-On and all affected accounts will be contacted with more information before any action is taken. There is no action required on your part to ensure that your forms are using the latest version of Google reCAPTCHA prior to 3/31.

March 8, 2018

SugarCRM package updated for Sugar version 7.11
Act-On's installed sales tools package for SugarCRM now supports version 7.11 and is available for download an installation in your SugarCRM environment.

February 22, 2018

New Features

Labs Forms as Conversion Criteria for A/B Testing 
In this release the A/B Test Content feature has been updated to accommodate testing with Labs Forms. Unlike with Classic Forms, which are selected directly via the 'Add Form' modal, Labs Forms are selected as conversions within the Landing Pages in which they are embedded. This is done by clicking on the embedded form in the 'Conversion Picker' modal for the corresponding Landing Page, as you would with a Call to Action.

Labs Forms as Behavior Criteria for Create New List 
When creating a new contact list, you have the option to do so based on specified contact behaviors, such as form views and submits. Up until now it has not been possible to create a list consisting of users based on their Labs Form views because these forms could not be used as standalone objects or, as a result, 'viewed' in their own right. Now, Labs Form views are inferred from visits to the Landing Page in which they are embedded and new lists may be created using that behavior criteria.

Labs Forms: Add Validation for Non-Generic Email Addresses 
To achieve parity with the functionality offered in the Classic Form composer, we've added validation for non-generic email addresses in Labs Forms. This option can be enabled from the 'Validation' tab of the 'Edit Input Field' slideout and, when used, will prevent form respondents from entering standard generic addresses

February 8, 2018

New Features

Labs Forms: Dynamic Sections
In this release progressive profiling functionality has been added to the Labs Form Composer with the introduction of Dynamic Sections. Fields within this section type are shown to form visitors gradually over time based on the number of empty fields you want shown on each visit and what is already known about that visitor. Dynamic section fields that have been filled, either from the underlying list or by the visitor themselves, are not shown on subsequent visits- but instead replaced with new questions. This practice allows you to collect new pieces of customer data over time within a single form.

Labs Forms: Add Form Domain to Custom Account Settings 
To simplify the process of deploying Labs Forms to an external web page we've provided the option to whitelist your commonly used domain names in Custom Account Settings. Doing so will allow you to use any Labs Form on pages under this domain without adding it to the 'External Pages' list in each individual form. To ensure the security of your visitors' contact data, this setting is intended for use only with hose domains from which all form submissions should be accepted.


Labs Forms: Add Views to Form Report and Activity History Report
In the interest of providing better visibility into conversion metrics, 'Views' have been added to the Form Report and Activity History Report for Labs Forms in this release.

Labs Forms: Enable Horizontal Tabbing Across Columns
In response to user feedback we've modified the tabbing order in multi-column Labs Forms. The tab key will now move visitors vertically across columns from left to right before moving to the line below, rather than moving them vertically through a column before advancing to the next one. This change reflects the standard behavior for web forms.

Enable Form Edit from Landing Page via Switch Mode 
You can now edit forms embedded within a Landing Page via Switch Mode in addition to creating new ones. To do so, open the Form Block slideout and select the edit icon in the top left corner of the form preview.

SugarCRM package updated for Sugar version 7.10 
Act-On's installed sales tools package for SugarCRM now supports version 7.10 and is available for download an installation in your SugarCRM environment.

January 25, 2018

Labs Forms: Allow e-mail or CRM alerts on form submit 

Previously, you were unable to send an email or CRM alert on form submit. Instead, you would be forced to input an e-mail address in order to save the setting. We have updated the functionality so that you can enable either of these alert types, or both. We've also updated verbiage to clarify that the term 'user' in this context refers to the CRM user.

Labs Forms: Auto-tab on date fields 

In response to customer requests, we've reduced the friction of form fills by adding auto-tabbing to date fields in Labs Forms. Rather than requiring that form respondents manually move between date fields (e.g. MM/DD/YYYY) they will move through them automatically upon completion.

January 12, 2018

Labs Forms: Classic Form Conversion

We've added an option to the Labs Forms interstitial page for customers to convert their Classic Forms content for use with the new composer. Several components of Classic Forms are incompatible with Labs Forms and will not be converted, these include: External Web Analytics, Stationery, Logos, Fixed-width / Adaptive-width, SEO, CSS, File Upload block and Response Display options. The incompatible components that appear in the Form design (e.g. File Upload block, logos) will be replaced with a placeholder block in the Labs Form (see image below). When a placeholder block is selected, a slideout containing a link to a Knowledge Base article on the topic of Classic Form Conversion will appear. To remove these blocks from the Design view, customers may simply close them out from the top right hand corner. There is also help text on the Form Properties slideout (in Design tab) informing customers that Stationery is not supported.

Forms to Content Catalog

In this Release, we've made Labs Forms shareable to the Content Catalog and available to customers for download.

Advanced Custom Analytics in Message Composer

The 'Additional Clickthrough Query Parameters" controlled feature has been re-designed, renamed and enabled for all customers in this Release. The features gives customers the ability to append custom query string data to clickthrough links, providing them with more robust and flexible analytics options than were previously available.

Enhancements to Google Analytics in Message Composer

Currently, customers can specify values for the 'Campaign' UTM parameter in the Message Composer. In this Release, we have given access to an existing controlled feature which allows them to set values for all UTM parameters (Campaign, Medium, Source, Content, Term). If no value is set, the defaults shown as placeholder text for each parameter will be used. In addition, the design of this feature has been updated and a description added.

Switch Mode in Landing Page Composer

In the interest of simplifying the process of deploying Labs Forms, we've added the option to create a new Form from a Landing Page. This allows customers to jump to the Form Composer directly from the Form Block slideout in the Landing Page composer, create their new Form and return to the Landing Page composer where the new asset is added automatically to the Form Block.


Labs Forms: Remove Toggles from Properties Slideouts

At this point, all  Response slideouts in the Form Properties tab the feature are turned 'on' by default when opened and customers are prevented from exiting easily (e.g. clicking outside of the slideout). In this Release, we've removed the on/off toggle on the slideouts and allow them to be activated based on field validation (e.g. if there are values in the required fields, the feature is on- if they are empty then it's off). With this change, customers lose the ability to save their properties values while temporarily disabling the feature- this has been deemed an acceptable tradeoff for the resulting improvements to user experience.

Labs Forms: 'Clear Default' Option for Radio Buttons

In this Release we are adding a 'Clear Default' option for Radio Buttons, so that customers have the ability to add radio buttons to their Forms without a pre-selected response (up until now, one selection was always required). This change will enable customers to apply hide/show rules to any of their radio button selections, whereas previously they were unable to do so for default fields as those rules would have been triggered automatically on form load.

Labs Forms: Make Compatible with Survey Report

Up until now the Survey Report, which gives customers an aggregated breakdown of Form Responses by question (how many people answered each one, including each option in the Combo Boxes) was not compatible with Labs Forms and would display '0' across the board. In this release, we've updated the report to accept data from Labs Forms.

Labs Forms: Add Arrow to Dropdown Menu

Based on multiple customer requests, we've added an arrow to the dropdown menu in Labs Forms. Adding an arrow differentiates dropdowns from standard fields and indicates to form respondents that there are multiple options from which to select.

Labs Forms: Add Validation for Non-Consumer Email Addresses 

To achieve parity with the functionality offered in the Classic Form composer, we've added validation for non-consumer in Labs Forms. This option can be enabled from the 'Validation' tab of the 'Edit Input Field' slideout and, when used, will prevent form respondents from entering email addresses that are not associated with a business.

Labs Forms: Apply Background Image to Submit Button

To make our Labs Forms more customizable and achieve parity with the Classic composer we've added the option for customers to apply a background image to their Submit Buttons. This feature is accessed from the newly added 'Image' tab of the 'Edit Button' slideout. Other formatting options options include: Button Width and Height (previously these would adjust automatically based on the dimensions of the button text), Repeat X, Repeat Y and Stretch.

Labs Forms: Evaluate Hidden Field URL on Page Load

With Hidden Fields customers can have static or dynamic meetings added to a Labs Form submission. When 'Grab URL Parameter' is selected, the hidden field is be populated with the Query string in the respondent's URL (if present). Previously, these parameters were evaluated on form submit which made them incompatible with hide/show functionality. By changing the sequence of evaluation to take place on page load, these parameters are made available for use with hide/show rules (e.g. if Source = X then show Y).

Labs Forms: Replace Validation Toggle with Dropdown Menu

Currently, there is a option under the Validation tab of the Settings slideout for 'Validate on Blur' that can be toggled on and off by customers. By default, this toggle is in the 'off' position and validation takes place on Submit without any indication to the customer. In this Release we are replacing the toggle with a dropdown menu containing both options to give customers a better understanding of how validation will occur.

Labs Forms: Automatically Add Embedded Pages Section URLs to External Domain List
Customers are currently able to generate embed codes from the Forms listing page 'Embedded Pages' section, which allows them to bypass the error prevention measures and messaging put in place on the embed tab to prevent forms from being embedded on unknown domains. Since a URL is required to generate the embed code in the listing page, as of this Release we will automatically add the associated domain to the domain whitelist so the form can function properly with those pages.

Rename Agency Dashboard to Marketing Network
In this Release all references to the Agency Dashboard have been changed to read 'Marketing Network'. This change is being made to better reflect the nature of the organizations that utilize this feature set, many of which aren't Agencies.

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