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Custom Account Personalizations

The Custom Account Personalizations feature lets you create new personalization fields that can be used account-wide.

Unlike Act-On's other personalization features, these fields will not be personalized uniquely for each recipient. They will populate across your entire account with the same data. The biggest benefit of the feature you can update the personalization once in your Settings page and it will populate the new information to all the Messages, Landing Pages, and Forms in your account.

Common Uses

This feature is very useful for information that is consistent across your organization today, but is likely to change at some point in the future. Examples include:

  • Your company's office locations
  • Names of employees in specific roles, such as your executive team
  • The current year (great for copyright notices in email and page footers)

For instance, if you use your CEO's name in messages and landing pages, you will likely want to update all of this content if you get a new CEO in the future. You can create a Custom Account Personalization that maps 'CEOname' to 'Jane Doe' and use it in your Act-On content:


This will populate as 'Jane Doe.' If your CEO changes, you can update this value in your Settings and it will update to the new CEO's name in your content. Updating one location instead of every active piece of content is a huge efficiency gain.

Configuring Custom Personalizations

  1. Navigate to Settings > Custom Account Settings
  2. Under Custom Account Personalizations, click the plus sign
  3. Enter the field name (the code to enter in your content) and the field value (the data that will populate instead)
  4. Click Save


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