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Identifying False Positives in Email Clicks

If you are seeing an abnormally high number of clicks in your emails – particularly the 'View in Browser' link – an email scanning service such as Barracuda may be the cause.

If your customers use Barracuda Email Security Suite (ESS) for email security, it will scan their emails and click through links. ESS does not identify itself as an email security system (most similar products do), so Act-On does not automatically exclude these clicks.

Investigate MX Records

To confirm that clicks are coming from a security provider, check the MX records for the domain that generated the clicks.

  1. Use Nslookup in your command line/terminal (Windows steps here) to verify the MX record information
    • When prompted, add the IP address and domain name of the customer responsible for the clicks (available in the sent message report)
  2. Check the data that comes back - it should include the name and information for the security provider
    • Eg., clicks from Barracuda include

Ignore Scanner's IP Addresses

To exclude the false clicks from your email reports, go to Settings > Other Settings > Internal IP Addresses and add the security system's IP addresses. Act-On will then ignore any traffic from these addresses.

For Barracuda ESS, you must ignore both of the following IP address ranges:

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