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Using Sent Message Reports


The Sent Message report provides the statistics of how both individual emails and campaigns are performing.

Using this data you are able to make tweaks to content and delivery to ensure your messages are optimized and being seen at the right time.

When viewing the report you are able to get a visual of your message open rate, bounce rate, clicks as well as filter the report to find the data you need quickly.

Note: Report data may not appear immediately. Please allow a few hours after the email send for data collection.

  1. Navigate to Outbound Sent Messages
  2. Hover over any of the sent messages, click the down-arrow > Report
  3. You will see the unique counts of recipients who have been sent the email, who did not open the email, who opened the email, and who clicked through the links within the email. In addition, you can see the unique counts of bounced emails, spam complaints, and opt-outs.
    • Click on any of these numbers to see a drill-down view with a list of contacts who did each of these actions.
    • Additional information about these contacts will appear, such as which web browser and computer operating systm they were using, if it is available.
  • By time period – Filter the Sent Message report based on when emails were sent from your Act-On account.
  • By Me, By Marketing Users, By Sales User or By Everyone – Filter the Sent Message report based on the type of user who sent the message.
  • Hide Messages Sent to Specific People – If enabled, you can hide email messages sent to specific contacts, and only show messages sent to lists or segments.
  • Search – Search for a sent message using a search string for the sent message you are trying to locate.
  • Total Sent – The total number of messages that were sent to valid recipients. This number does not include recipients that failed or were suppressed. This does include any internal IP addresses that you have excluded from other reporting.
  • Not Sent / Suppressed – Not sent messages are most often due to a failure like an invalid email address or because the recipient did not have personalization fields that you've defined. Messages are suppressed because the recipient has either opted out of your message communications or because they are a duplicate of another email address that has already been sent.
  • Opened – The unique number of individuals who have opened your messages. An email message will count toward the Opened calculation if the recipient:
    1. Opens the message and downloads the images
    2. Selects 'View the Message in a Browser Window,' if that option is available in the email message
      Note: If an email recipient has images turned off or if their email client is set for plain text only, the message does not count as an opened message.
  • Bounced – The number of messages that bounced upon reaching their specified domain. Hard bounce and soft bounce messages are the two types that you may encounter.
  • Did Not Open – Recipients who received your message but did not view it.
  • Clicked – Act-On tracks anyone who clicked on any link that you have included in your email message. Clicking this statistic will allow you to see further details like who clicked on a specific link and more.
  • Total Opens – The total number of times your message has been viewed, including multiple views by a single recipient.
  • Total Effective Opens – This measures clickthroughs as 'effective opens' when a contact does not have a confirmed open, but has clicked on a link in the message.
    • Only the first click will count as a total effective open.
    • This is only the clicks without tracked opens, not a measure of total opens + clicks.
  • Total Times Clicked – The total number of times that links located in your message were clicked. To view the number of people who have taken action on your message see the Clicked statistic.
  • Last Opened – The last date and time that your email message was opened by a recipient.
  • Last Clicked – The last date and time that a link in your email message was clicked through by a recipient.
  • Opt-Outs – The number of people who have opt-ed out of communications from this email message.
  • Spam Complaints – The total number of spam complaints that this message received. It is highly advised to keep this number as low as possible by keeping your list clean, using opt-in options for mail recipients, and reviewing message content for relevancy.
  • Responses So Far – Will be shown only if a Multiple Choice Block was used in your message. Recipients are shown in a list format with their response to your question.
  • Clickthroughs – Shows all clickthrough links in a message, how many unique recipients clicked through them, and the total number of clicksthroughs.

The Unique Sent is the number of unique email addresses who were sent the message, or messages in the case of campaign messages report. Unique Sent is shown above the Total Sent.

The Number of People Who opened, bounced, did not open and clicked are also unique email addresses. The percentages next to the Number of People Who metrics are calculated using the following:

  • opened % = (unique opened / unique delivered) * 100
  • bounced % = (unique bounced / unique sent) * 100
  • did not open % = (unique did not open / unique delivered) * 100
  • clicked % = (unique clicked / unique delivered) * 100

For example: if Unique Sent is 160, and the number of people who bounced is 10, then the unique delivered is 150 (unique sent - unique bounced). Then if the number of people who opened is 50, the corresponding open percentage is 33.3% (unique opened * 100 / unique delivered).

For a single email message report, the Unique Sent and the Total Sent will be very often be the same number. In some cases a single message may have more Total than Unique sent, for example if you have sent to additional recipients without suppressing duplicates, or if the message is part of an automated program that allows duplicate sends of a given message.

For a campaign messages report, the Unique Sent in the campaign messages report reflects the number of people who have been sent at least one message in your multi-message campaign. For multi-message campaigns, the Unique Sent will often be less than the Total Sent, because the campaign may consist of multiple different messages being sent to an overlapping audience. Multi-asset campaigns are found in Automation > Campaigns, and the campaign messages report is accessed on the top right of the messages section of the campaign dashboard.

  • The Total Sent value includes everyone you sent the message to, except people in the Not Sent / Suppressed” section
  • The Opened, Bounced, Did Not Open and Clicked percentages are all based on the Total Sent value
  • The Clicked percentage rate is the unique number of people who clicked at least once in a message over the total number of people to whom you sent the message
  • There are two industry standards for calculating the Clicked rate in a Sent Message report:
    • Based on the number of times people open a message
    • Based on the total number of messages sent
      • Act-On uses this second method as it reflects your total target audience
      • You can also view the the Clicked rate based on total opens by downloading the Rollup Report available within the Sent Messages listing
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