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Calculating the Clicked Rate in a Message Report

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users

  • Understand how message reporting is calculated
  • Determine the Clicked Rate in a message report
In Act-On, the message reporting percentages for: Opened, Bounced, Did Not Open, and Clicked are displayed as unique occurrences, in relation to the Unique Sent value (the Unique Sent value is the total number of unique recipients minus the Not Sent/Suppressed records).

 The Clicked percentage rate is therefore the unique number of people who clicked at least once in a message over the total number of unique people to whom you sent the message.

Additional Information:

There are two industry standards for calculating the Clicked rate in a message report:

  • Based on the number of times people open a message
  • Based on the total number of unique messages sent

Act-On uses the second method as it reflects your total target audience; however, you can also view the the Clicked rate based on total opens by downloading the Rollup Report available within the Sent Messages listing.

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