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Identifying Discrepancies in Sent Message Opt-Out Reports

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users

Learn where to access the Sent Message report and identify what can cause a discrepancy in the opt-out information contained in the Sent Message report

Follow the steps below to view the Sent Message report:

  • Click Outbound Sent
  • Hover over a message, click the down-arrow > Report.

If a contact opts out and then opts back in, Act-On will still show the opt-out click on the main Sent listing (i.e., Total Clicks), but Act-On will only show the number of people who have currently opted out in the Report tab (i.e., Unique Clicks). If two people opt out and one opts back in, the Sent listing will show two clicks and the Report tab will show one click. Sometimes an individual will click on the opt-out link more than once; this can cause a discrepancy as well.

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