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Duplicate Views in Landing Page Reports

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users
OBJECTIVES: Learn to avoid viewing errors when creating landing pages

You may notice duplicate views in the Landing Page report as the landing page redirects to itself. This could be due to an invalid image URL.

Landing pages will redirect to themselves if you reference a URL that is a subdirectory or parent directory of the landing page URL. If you utilize <img src=“logo.png” > in the landing page HTML, the image reference will go to which points right back to the same landing page. As a result, the landing page loads itself again.

For example, consider this landing page:

If a fake file/image reference is added to it that’s in the same directory, subdirectory, or parent directory of the page, it will redirect back to itself. For example, the following image references will redirect to your landing page and cause an extra page view:

The above URLs will redirect to the example landing page which will show a broken image. However, that broken image is the browser attempting to load the landing page and triggering an additional view.

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