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Managing Form Survey Results

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users
OBJECTIVES: View survey results from the Act-On form

You can view form submissions on the Act-On form report or in the Form Survey, which is a streamlined view of the information in your Form Submission list.

This can be a useful report whether or not you are using your form as an actual survey.

View survey results

  1. Navigate to Content > Forms
  2. Hover over an existing form and click the three dots on the far right side
  3. Click View Survey Results
  4. Click Print to print the results

Please note: The data only appears as a graph if the corresponding field is a combo box (drop down, check box, or radio button). Since text fields can have infinite possible answers, they are not displayed individually in this view.

Clear Survey Results

You can erase form submission data to start collecting data from scratch. This is especially important when testing a new form – you should always clear test submissions that are not useful for marketing purposes.

  1. Navigate to your Form Submission List (usually Contacts > Other Lists > Form Submissions)
  2. Hover over the form submission list you would like to clear and click the down arrow
  3. Select Clear Records
  4. Confirm that you want to delete all form submission data by clicking OK
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