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Data Studio Reports

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users
Requirements: Enterprise Account

After creating a data export you are able to generate a report view to visualize your data. This visualization will only be available within Data Studio.

Depending on the Data Set selected, you will have the following report types available:

  • Tabular data in an inline row
  • Charts - Bar, Line, Area, Pie
  • Heatmap

In this article, we'll help you:

  • Generate a report view and heatmap of your data export. 
To Do:

1. From Exports, hover over the data export you would like to view a report for. 

2. Under Action, click Generate.

3. Set the Period Type - choose between a date range, relative, or all time. 

4. Once you click Submit you will be taken to the Run Logs page. Click Show Details and you will be given the option to view your report. 


Example Reports:

To Generate a heatmap:  

For any detailed log type export, if you export the Action and Action Time fields, you will have the option to generate a heatmap.

The heatmap will exhibit three dimensions of traffic density (filtered on Action) in a two dimensional grid visual pivoted on day of week and time of day.

If you have already generated your report, click Run Logs. If you have yet to generate a report, click Exports > Generate on the report you would like to view. 

If the report has a heatmap available, click the following to view it:

AOmegaphonesmall.pngPlease note:

Heatmap and chart visuals aren’t pushed to destinations. They are only available for a pull from the Run Logs view.


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