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Create Export Packages

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users
Requirements: Enterprise Account

A package is a convenient way to combine two or more exports. When generated (on demand or scheduled), a package splits into child exports and then combines each CSV into a ZIP archive.  A package definition contains a name, description, two or more exports, a schedule and a destination where the package output is to be delivered.

Note: Most accounts are limited to Data Studio exports. To increase this limit, please contact your Account Manager.

  1. Click Packages > New Package 
  2. Choose a name and description
  3. Select two or more Exports to include in the Package
  4. Choose whether files should be generated separately or combined into a single CSV or XLSX file
  5. Select the schedule for the Export
    1. On demand
      You must manually click Generate each time you want to retrieve the data
    2. Daily/weekly
      Includes the last 7 days' data only
      Note: The time of day when you click Save will be used on future schedules
    3. Monthly
      On the first of the month, exports the last month’s data
  6. Choose delivery options and click Finish
    1. Downloadable file, FTP, or a cloud storage option (these must be configured separately before exporting)
    2. Name for the file (append date if desired)
    3. Formats
      • CSV
      • CSV ZIP
      • CSV GZ
      • XLSX
        Note: The ZIP or GZ options are best if you are dealing with a large amount of data. If you are experiencing slowness or unresponsiveness upon export, make sure a zipped format is selected
    4. Email notification to as many recipients as you like – note that this is simply a statement that the export is complete, so recipients should be informed separately of how to access the data
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