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Create Export Packages

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users
Requirements: Enterprise Account

A package is a convenient mechanism to combine two or more exports. When requested to be generated (on demand or via a schedule), a package would spawn off child exports and the output of each export CSV would be combined into a ZIP archive delivered to the package definition’s destination. A package definition contains a name, description, references to two or more exports, a schedule and a destination where the package output is to be delivered.


To create a Package:

  • Click Packages > New Package, then follow the guide below to complete the setup.
To Do:  

1. Enter a Name and Description for the Package.

2. Under Exports, click select.

3. Double click or drag any of your exports you would like included in the package under Available exports to move them to Selected reports

4. Click Submit.

To Do:  

1. Select if you would like a On Demand, Daily (or Weekly), or Monthly report. Depending on your choice, fill in the required information.

2. Click Next.

What is the Difference?
  • On Demand - The date range selector will popup allowing you to select relative data ranges or all time.
  • Daily (or Weekly) -  If specific days of the week are selected, the export (or package) runs on those days between 3am and 5am in your account’s timezone but retrieves data for the previous X days (via the Last X Days selector).
  • Monthly - The period for which data is retrieved is always a full month. The instance when the export (or package) runs is exactly on the 1st day of the following month (between 1am and 3am in the account’s timezone). As with the daily/weekly schedule, if a date boundary is specified, the monthly scheduled exports (or packages) always run within those bounds.
To Do:  

1. Select a Destination for your package delivery.

2. Add a File name. If you would like the name to always be the date, click Append Date.

3. Add an optional Alert Notification to notify users that will need to access the data that the Package is ready- keep in mind you will still need to log back into Act-On to access the report.

4. Click Finish.

When sending notifications to multiple recipients:

  • Enter the email address
  • Add a comma and hit the return key
  • Enter the next email address. 



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