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Data Studio Overview

AUDIENCE: Administrators, Marketing Users

REQUIREMENTS: Enterprise Account

Data Studio is an advanced data transport tool that allows you to configure and move any data from Act-On to another tool.

Please note: Additional fees apply for the Data Studio add-on module. Please contact your Account Manager to learn more.

Data is unformatted and does not include charts or other visualizations by default. If you want pre-packaged reporting templates with visualizations, consider the Engagement Insights feature.

Any data points tracked in Act-On are available for export and analysis, including from these data sets:

  • Media
  • Forms
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Messages
  • Webinars
  • Website Traffic

See our guide to exporting a copy of your Act-On data for a detailed walkthrough.

  • Export CSV data to manipulate in Excel or any business intelligence tool
  • User friendly interface to export raw data
  • Automate/schedule recurring data pulls/pushes
  • Stitch data easily
  • Data can be extracted for any custom time period

An export is a list of predefined data sets that you want to take out of Act-On to analyze. You can create export definitions from scratch or using existing templates.

Learn about creating exports.

A package is combined set of two or more exports. You can generate these on demand or on an automated schedule to create a single folder with all relevant reports.

Learn about creating packages.

You can define the location where Data Studio reports should be stored. You can choose between a custom FTP destination or a number of cloud storage services.

The Run Logs section is where you can view exports that are running, completed, or failed. You can also view details such as token usage. You can download output data or view it in your browser from this area. 


Purchasing this add-on module gives a specified number of tokens, which get used as you generate exports. Generally, exports that take more time and processing power use more tokens. Ask your Account Manager for more information about Data Studio pricing.

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