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Social Publish Overview


The Act-On Social Publish feature allows you to publish landing pages, forms, media files or images from a single integrated marketing platform.

Before creating posts, you will have to set up social media connectors in Settings.

Create a Post

  1. Click on Outbound Social Publish
  2. Click New
  3. Choose which social media application(s) you would like to post to, and select the appropriate accounts for each in the drop-down
  4. Select the Act-On asset that you would like to share
  5. Add a Title, which will be displayed on the listing screen
  6. Enter the comment that will post in Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook
  7. Select an image to use for the post
  8. Under the Schedule section, choose whether to post immediately or at a specific time in the future
  9. Click Next
  10. Review the details of the post, then click Publish to create your post

Once a post is drafted/created in Social Publish, you can find the post in any one of the following categories:

All Social Publish posts that are published/sent will be found in the Published listing page. As you hover over a post, you can: 

  • Review the Social Publish post
  • Report on the social media channels the post went to and how many clicks each post received
  • View the visits generated by each individual Social Publish post

All Social Publish posts that are scheduled rather than sent immediately can be found in the Scheduled listing page. As you hover over each scheduled Social Publish post, you can:

  • Preview the Social Publish post
  • Reschedule the Social Publish post to post on a different date/time
  • Unschedule the Social Publish post and return it to the Drafts listing page

Any Social Publish posts that failed to send will be found in the Failed listing page. As you hover over a failed Social Publish post you can:

  • Preview the Social Publish post and view its report
  • Reschedule the Social Publish post to post on a different date/time

When a Social Publish post is created and saved as a draft, it will be found in the Drafts listing page. You can manage this page using the features below:

  • Preview the Social Publish post
  • Make a copy of the Social Publish post
  • Delete the Social Publish post altogether
  • Resume editing of the Social Publish post
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